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Tales of Taco the Wonder Horse and his ammy rider on their way to a Training Three Day

Friday, January 22, 2010

Welcome to the Team Taco blog

In August 2008, Taco (Cat Burglar to the USEA) came to live with me in Tennessee.  He was a lease from my friend Annika in Michigan, who had competed him very successfully at the Preliminary level and generously consented to share him with me while I worked toward my goal of a Training Level Three Day Event (T3D).  We had an amazing year together and when the time came to renew the lease, Annika and I decided that Taco and I ought to be permanent partners.  I became his official owner in December 2009.

Here are some photos of us from the last 16 months.

Taco is, to put it mildly, my dream come true.  It is hard to put how I feel about him into words, but this excerpt from an email I wrote to Annika is an approximation:

I've loved other horses and they all were special in their own way but Taco is simply *more* special.  He is both incredibly athletic and incredibly kind (with a sense of humor), and one of those horses with that impossible-to-define quality of Presence.  I've already learned so much from him.

I have gone farther than I ever thought I could with Taco, and this year is a big year for us:  after moving up to Training level last fall, we are working toward a T3D this fall.  Taco was ready to do it a year ago, but I am developing my skills and learning how to be the best possible partner for him.

Taco has had an amazing life history up to this point and I will post stories sometime soon.


Steve said...

Looks like you're on a great adventure with Taco, with a couple of amazing chapters already. I can't wait for more of the story!

Sharon said...

In the picture of you two at the barn door, I can see that he has a good sense of humor. Team Taco is a great blog!

Terry said...

How do I become a part of Team Taco? I can groom! Seriously Bob is very jealous of his friend Taco's blog. Ok I gave him a stud muffin and he's good now.

Sarah said...

Yay Stacy!!! Love the blog!!

wz said...

I love the whole story of Taco's main woman's history of riding. It takes me back, cute little Cherokee.