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Tales of Taco the Wonder Horse and his ammy rider on their way to a Training Three Day

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Important Members of Team Taco

In addition to all of the previously mentioned important people in Taco's life, there are two especially important people: his veterinarians.  He has two: Dr. Tony Kimmons and Dr. Libby Maddux.  Together they are Franklin Equine Services.  Both of them have gotten to know him well since he moved to Tennessee and they both know how special he is!  They have been essential help for keeping Taco healthy and feeling good.

Yesterday Taco had his annual dental exam. Dr. Libby came to the farm and Taco was thrilled to see her.

 Taco looking so glad to see Dr. Libby!

He was sedated and a special oral speculum was placed over his head.  Then his mouth was gently opened using the speculum so Dr. Libby could reach inside and examine his teeth.  A bright LED magnetic light was attached to the speculum so she could see inside.


She was looking for sharp points on his teeth that could hurt the soft tissues of his tongue and cheeks, and ramps and waves in his bite.  Horses chew in a grinding motion, which often creates points on the inside of the lower molars and the outside of the upper ones.  She found some mild points and filed them down with a tool that looks like a drill with a long bit and a little rotary sander at the end.

Taco does not love this process, but he tolerates it.  He is a very good patient--he unfortunately has had lots of practice.  He could not have carrots after the procedure because he had been sedated, but he got plenty today!

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