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Tales of Taco the Wonder Horse and his ammy rider on their way to a Training Three Day

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Taco Blogs Again

I have to say, the past week has not been that interesting.  The end of the previous week was OK because I got to do some jumping and show off a little bit.  Also, I really appreciate Stacy sitting lighter on my back when I am headed toward a fence.  But then she left for almost a week.  She went to a place called Brook Lin Nooyurk, I think.  I don't know.  She said is was for work, which for her does not involve running and jumping but instead means "reesurch".  She says she has to do it to buy me carrots.  This sounds flimsy to me, but I put up with it. What I do know is that I got a little bit bored.

I am really grateful for Amy, I must say, because while Stacy was off ignoring me, Amy helped get some of those ticks off.  I really hate ticks.  They make me very, very itchy.  She found some of the horrible creatures in my mane and got them out.  Amy is pretty great.  She feeds me every morning and most nights, and she brings me out to my very nice field when it is evening and then brings me in before it gets too hot in the morning.

Anyway, Stacy came back yesterday.  She had lots of carrots, so I guess she got them from working in Brook Lin Nooyurk.  So it is OK that she went.  I was happy to see her and she gave me a whole body massage with that nubby tool and then she scritched my tailbone (another hangout for the awful ticks) and yes, I had to go back to work but I was so bored I was ready to do something different besides stand in my stall under my fan.

Now it is supposed to be hot this week so I think I will have to work in the morning before my nap and then have my nap afterward. 

Oh yeah, here are some pictures of me with my favorite guy, Ruger.  He is a lot of fun-- can you tell?  One time he even busted into my pasture from his own so that we could hang out.  He is a lot younger than I am so I tell him everything that I know about life.

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wz said...

What a cute horsey laughing picture! Keep resurching and bringing those carrots.