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Tales of Taco the Wonder Horse and his ammy rider on their way to a Training Three Day

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quick Notes on the Dressage Show

Taco and I went to a recognized dressage show last weekend. We entered the Opportunity classes, which do not require USEF and USDF membership or nonmember fees! They are a great deal for eventers. However, they were not heavily subscribed because, I am guessing, people do not yet know about them. We were the only entry in one class and one of two in another. We won both tests. ;)

Blue ribbon for first AND last place in First Level, Test Three!

I rode First 3 first, in the Miller Coliseum at Middle TN State University.  The atmosphere was a bit electric in there and our test was a bit tense.  People applauding for the rider in the other arena did not help.  It scored a 60.5, which was generous.

Our next test was First 1, in the covered arena, and was much better.  Taco felt lovely and fluffy and forward.  However, the judge said that she thought Taco looked uneven on his left hind.  So our score was not great- 61.3.

I had Dr. Tony check Taco out early this week and he found nothing except for a mild reaction to flexing Taco's hock joints, which was not new.  I am already giving Legend before competitions (except for dressage shows!), and we are also trying Cosequin ASU.  So I am hopeful we can keep the guy comfortable.

Lastly, we had a long time to wait between tests at the show, so we had to entertain ourselves somehow.  This is what Taco had a good time doing:

Thanks Elizabeth for coming and cheering for us!  And thank you Carol for videoing everything.  It is good for me to be able to see the tests.

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