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Tales of Taco the Wonder Horse and his ammy rider on their way to a Training Three Day

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Not in Aiken


Many readers of the Team Taco blog were eagerly awaiting news of our Aiken exploits this year.  Unfortunately, we had a casualty on the team: Beast the truck declined to cooperate with our plans.  Last Saturday morning, we had packed up and started south on I-65, and at the first big hill Beast started to overheat.  By the second, it was way in the red zone.  We miraculously found an open mechanic, who diagnosed a faulty thermostat.  But on the way back to the barn (by then it was too late to make the trip that day), it overheated again.  Given the extensive repairs that were probably necessary, and its advanced age, Beast has since been sold at a steep discount to cover the down payment on a new(er) truck.  But in the meantime, we were left high and dry with no way to get to Aiken!  

So we stayed home to ride and look for a new truck.  The weather has been less than cooperative, but we managed to fit in a very productive dressage lesson on Tuesday.  Amy's persistence in trying to explain the concept of connecting my aids is paying off a little.

Here is some video.  Does anyone have any tricks for keeping one's hands still at the canter?

In other news, an old friend of Team Taco (well, from before there even was a Team Taco), has sent in her entry to Rolex!  Heather Gillette has entered Questie (Our Questionnaire), so fingers crossed that all preparations go smoothly (they are at Red Hills this weekend) and everyone stays sound!  When I lived in New Jersey some years ago, Heather helped bring my confidence back after it reached an all-time low, and for that I am very grateful.  She has worked so hard at this sport for many years and is a fun, kind person to boot.  You can like her Heron's Landing Event Team page on Facebook to show your support!

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