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Tales of Taco the Wonder Horse and his ammy rider on their way to a Training Three Day

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Way Overdue Poplar Post and T3D Teaser

I've been waiting until the arrival of the photo CD before posting about Poplar Place/ Area III Championships on the first weekend in May, but that means that this post is 3 weeks overdue. 

To cut to the chase: it went fairly well.  We ended up fourth in a decent-sized division.

Dressage: better energy, still needing more uphill balance.  All photos by David Mullinix.
Good boy Taco. 33.2

We ran cross country next.  This was my first time running at Poplar, and I loved the feel and layout of the course.  The championship course added a few extra combinations, which Taco ate right up.  I was much better at adjusting the pace in preparation for jumps and getting to the base (as opposed to Chatt Hills, where I didn't bring him back enough and had some long spots).  I had a couple of time penalties, for being a little too slow this time as opposed to too fast.
Little corner

The boat after the water

Showjumping was our best round since the AECs last September.  As with dressage, I still needed to improve Taco's balance at times, including to the first fence, where I had a rail.  But for most of the round we had decent energy and balance.  Taco jumped great, for his part.

Overall, it was an improvement on our last time out, and I was delighted with how lovely Taco was.  He is so consistent and professional, and a joy to compete!

Next Wednesday, June 1, we travel to Indiana for the Indiana Eventing Association T3D.  We did our last gallop today, and we will do one more dressage  and one more showjump school before we leave.  The goal this time is to finish-- and to continue to build consistent pace and balance, in all three phases.  And enjoy ourselves, of course!


Holly Ratcliff said...

Good luck in Indiana, Stacey (and Taco)! I look forward to hearing how it goes. Have a great time!

Amy said...

I will be there as a volunteer. Scribing on friday and jump judge sat and sun. I will be on the look out for team taco and cheer you on!

Anastasia said...

Thank you for the good wishes! Amy, thank you so much for volunteering!