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Tales of Taco the Wonder Horse and his ammy rider on their way to a Training Three Day

Monday, July 4, 2011

Cross Country School with Doc

Last week I had my first lesson and first cross country school on Doc.  I'd already been enjoying him because of his willing and fun attitude, and both Amy and I were very pleased by how capable he was in the lesson and at the schooling.  Annika has a great eye for a horse and Doc is a great testament to that fact.  I'm thanking the universe for bringing his and my paths together at this point in time.

In my lesson last Friday, Amy and I were very encouraged by his willingness on the flat and over some low jumps.  We worked on lengthening his stride and his neck, as I found that it's easy to shorten both.  He can almost canter in place-- it's truly amazing!  But he also has a lovely long TB stride, we discovered.  These things make him very adjustable, which is pretty cool.

Then we went to Colonial Hill Farm in Pulaski for a little cross country school. 

The owner, Eleanor Parkes, has dozens of well-built fences from knee-high to training, which was perfect for our initial xc experience together.  Doc stepped off the trailer and looked around with calm curiosity.  I tacked up and hopped on-- and he remained calm, willing, and interested in what we were doing.  And his jump!  He thought that the BN-N-level fences that we were doing were quite easy, and just skipped over them in a lovely, balanced gallop.  I had a ball!  Here is a video of him in action (thanks Carol!):

I felt so lucky to be enjoying cross country on a lovely horse just one month after Taco's injury-- I had thought that it might be up to a year until I next had the privilege. 

Isn't this fun?

Taco himself is still recovering.  There was no new heat or swelling after his unauthorized "self turnout" episode last weekend, and the swelling from the yellowjacket went away in a few days.  The sore over the tendon remains, but has gotten much smaller.  We got word that his cells are ready to be shipped back to the clinic this week, so we are planning a trip back to Hagyard to get them injected.  The only problem is that the sore must be healed in order for the injection to be safe.  I'll find out more in the next 24 hours about when we might be able to go-- it could be as soon as Wednesday, but might be later.

Today Carol grazed Taco while I rode Doc.  It was a very lovely Fourth of July morning at the barn. How I wish that Taco was his usual healthy self, but how fortunate I am to have him and my supportive family-- and that includes my horsey family too.

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