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Tales of Taco the Wonder Horse and his ammy rider on their way to a Training Three Day

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ask Taco: The Color Pink and Taco's Favorite Film

Taco has already had some questions submitted for the "Ask Taco" column.  He has cheerfully answered them.  Enjoy!

Dear Taco,
My mommy dresses me in something everyone calls "pee-ink." I don't really understand what it is and why everyone makes a big deal over it. I can't see what this "pee-ink" looks like, but I think it is probably very bright. Since I look smashing in everything (much like you), I can't imagine it looks bad. Could you tell me about this "pee-ink" and if I should be worried about wearing it? Maybe I have to wear "pee-ink" because I have only one eye? I don't think people should discriminate against me for having only one eye, in fact, I think I should get bonus points for doing everything two-eyed horses can do with only one eye. So anyway, my mom always says her "pee-ink" is very tasteful and "real men wear 'pee-ink.'" What do you think?


A.  Thanks for writing, Arizona.  This is an excellent question.

What you are referring to is the color pink.  A color is the hue that we perceive when we look at an object.  It is caused by how an object absorbs and reflects light.  Some colors you might be familiar with are green (grass when it is alive) and blue (the sky and the ribbon for first place here in the US).  There are three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow.  Pink is a less saturated form of the color red.

Pink has an illustrious history as a color.  It is often seen as the color of love, so if your mom is having you wear it, it means that she loves you.  Sometimes it is also seen as feminine, but this is entirely culturally constructed.  In Japan it is seen as a manly color, for instance.  In India, a whole city, Jaipur, was painted pink to welcome the Prince of Wales in 1853.  Many pink buildings remain there today.

So yes, your mom is right, real men do wear pink and in fact whole cities wear pink.  I have seen plenty of handsome geldings with two eyes wearing pink.  I have seen you in your pink outfits and you look handsome too.

Best wishes,

A beautiful pink flower

Q.  Taco, what is your favorite movie?
Carol S.

A.  Thank you for this question.  I love films.  Recently, I very much enjoyed Julie and Julia (Columbia, 2009).  I am a gourmet and a blogger, and this film combined two of my interests in a virtuosic recipe that was beautifully-shot and well-acted.  I highly recommend it.

Perhaps my favorite classic film is All About Eve (Twentieth Century Fox, 1950).  I enjoy anything with Bette Davis, and the amazing repartee throughout the film will always be unparalleled.  Being a very talented horse, I am happy to mentor others (like Rugie), but I must keep a lookout for those who would like to steal my fame.   This film reminds me to do so.

Best wishes,

Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night!


Lauren said...

Dear Taco,

Thank you for your thoughtful explanation of this "pink" that I'm made to wear. It sounds quite regal, and I am very regal. Well, most days.

I hope we can have many lessons together this winter so I can learn from you! Also, maybe we can share a carrot or two. I love carrots.


LC-B said...

Q: I've noticed that your mom is trying out new saddles. How are you weighing on on her decision? Which brands and saddles have you liked most and which least...and WHY? I value your opinion, Taco.

wz said...

Dear Taco,
I am curious about your movie viewing preferences. Do you have netflicks and do you watch on TV in the barn or do you go to the movie theater? Do you bring your own carrots and do you ride there in your car if the movie theater is your preference?
Love, Grandma