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Tales of Taco the Wonder Horse and his ammy rider on their way to a Training Three Day

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ask Taco: Christmas and Living with Fame

Q. Dear Taco,
What was in your stocking?  

A. Dear G.H.,
I was lucky enough to receive organic carrots and four beautiful Macintosh apples in my stocking.  But I also received other gifts.  I got a brand new, big chunk of Himalayan salt to lick, a Newmarket fleece, some new bell boots, and a jelly scrubber.  Carol got me some Premier hind boots.  The Curwood side of the family (Jeni and Steve) sent me a whole bunch of peppermints.  Also, because of the VTO Saddlery sale, I am getting a belated Christmas gift of a new Rambo blanket with a neck cover.  Finally, though this is not really a Christmas gift for me, Stacy is going to order me a new saddle.  The thing about the saddle is that I am very happy with the one I have now, but it is a little too small for Stacy.  So this is perhaps more a gift she is giving to herself.

The bottom line is that I am very happy with my gifts, and I humbly offer my own gifts of generosity, spirit, and honesty to my family during this holiday season and beyond.

Best wishes,

Q. Dear Taco,
Given how famous you’re becoming of late, how do you keep a level head on your shoulders?  Are you getting a big head, or are you still the same down-to-earth guy you’ve always been? How do you deal with success and fame?

A. Dear Elizabeth,
I do love admiration and attention-- it is part of my nature!  But my first priority is to live a life that I can be proud of, whether it brings fame or not.  On the first level, this means participating in the world fully and appreciating the basic things like a long drink of water, some tasty oats, tender grass shoots, or a good roll followed by some fun bucking in the field.  That is how I stay connected to my place in the universe.

On another level, I also conduct myself as best as I can with my humans.  I genuinely like human contact and the day-to-day interactions with them please me.  I could just stand for hours while Stacy curries and brushes me and feeds me treats and talks to me.  And I feel it is my duty to give all of my effort to what she is asking me to do under saddle.  If there is a jump in front of me, I do my absolute best to get to the other side.  If she asks me to lengthen my stride, I make my steps as big as I possibly can in that moment.  If she wants me to run fast, I go fast until she asks me to slow down.  I am very proud of my abilities and my responsiveness.

On yet another level, I think it is important for me to express my personality.  I am confident in my abilities and very aware of my environment.  I hold myself with dignity, but I have a sense of humor too.  That is why I can give "the look of eagles" one moment and then let someone play with my tongue the next.  I have been through a lot in my life, including a close brush with death, and I have come to appreciate both the mundane and the extraordinary.

When I am relaxing in my pasture, soaring over a big jump with Stacy, or majestically trotting down the jog lane at a three day event, it does not matter how many people read about me on the internet.  I revel in what is before me.  So to give a short answer to your question, I like to think that fame has not changed me at all.

Best wishes,

Fame or no, I just enjoy being myself.

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LC-B said...

Dear Taco,

Could you tell me what you eat? My mom is on a quest to find food for me that gives me energy, keeps weight on me, doesn't make me overly exuberant, AND... doesn't make me fart! We do NOT like horse farting at Run For It Farm as it means my stomach is not happy. I didn't fart at Aunt Lellie's farm, but started it again once I came home (though I must say, I have been an absolute prince about everything!) We share similar traits as do our Moms, so please reveal your daily diet!

Many thanks - I wish you lots of carrots!
Rasta Mon