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Tales of Taco the Wonder Horse and his ammy rider on their way to a Training Three Day

Saturday, January 22, 2011

For Sale: Black Country Tex Eventer (Magic Taco Dust included at no charge)

To my dismay, last fall I discovered that my beloved Black Country Tex Eventer is slightly too small for me.  It is 17", but it has extra-forward flaps and I thought that was enough to accommodate my very long hip-to-knee measurement. Saddle fitter Kate Wooten, however, burst my bubble.  She thought that having a larger seat size would reduce my tendency to pivot on my knee over fences.

Fast forward to now, when I have ordered the exact same saddle in 18", and with gold welting around the seat (can't forget the gold welting!).  As much as I adore my current Tex Eventer (it came to me via a dear friend), I must rehome it so that I can afford the new one.  So here are the details:

Black Country Tex Eventer (non-monoflap), 17", medium wide with extra-forward flaps. Perfect for long-legged riders. Wither gussets, trapezius panels. brown Vintage leather. Excellent condition.  Asking $1700.

And here are some photos:

I've enjoyed many spectacular rides with this saddle between Taco and me. Who knows, it might be infused with Magic Taco Dust!

Drop me a line either on the comments section below or at cookiepony at gmail dot com if you are interested.


Checkmark115 said...

Oh I want! Too bad I don't have an extra grand and some change laying around :( This would be perfect for me since I too have extra long legs. sadface.

Sarah said...

That looks like a good saddle! I am looking at the Quantum. Did you try that one? I'm also finding problems with my long legs. :( And I seem to be still growing!

Anastasia said...

Hi Sarah, yes, I actually have owned two Quantums that I have loved, but I love the Tex Eventer even more! My best advice is to ride in them and see what you prefer. :)