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Tales of Taco the Wonder Horse and his ammy rider on their way to a Training Three Day

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Taco Blogs Again

I have to say, the past week has not been that interesting.  The end of the previous week was OK because I got to do some jumping and show off a little bit.  Also, I really appreciate Stacy sitting lighter on my back when I am headed toward a fence.  But then she left for almost a week.  She went to a place called Brook Lin Nooyurk, I think.  I don't know.  She said is was for work, which for her does not involve running and jumping but instead means "reesurch".  She says she has to do it to buy me carrots.  This sounds flimsy to me, but I put up with it. What I do know is that I got a little bit bored.

I am really grateful for Amy, I must say, because while Stacy was off ignoring me, Amy helped get some of those ticks off.  I really hate ticks.  They make me very, very itchy.  She found some of the horrible creatures in my mane and got them out.  Amy is pretty great.  She feeds me every morning and most nights, and she brings me out to my very nice field when it is evening and then brings me in before it gets too hot in the morning.

Anyway, Stacy came back yesterday.  She had lots of carrots, so I guess she got them from working in Brook Lin Nooyurk.  So it is OK that she went.  I was happy to see her and she gave me a whole body massage with that nubby tool and then she scritched my tailbone (another hangout for the awful ticks) and yes, I had to go back to work but I was so bored I was ready to do something different besides stand in my stall under my fan.

Now it is supposed to be hot this week so I think I will have to work in the morning before my nap and then have my nap afterward. 

Oh yeah, here are some pictures of me with my favorite guy, Ruger.  He is a lot of fun-- can you tell?  One time he even busted into my pasture from his own so that we could hang out.  He is a lot younger than I am so I tell him everything that I know about life.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In Which Stacy Takes Living in the "Volunteer State" Literally

Team Taco has still been going strong-- but for the past two weekends I have been out of town, volunteering at events.  On Memorial Day weekend I was at May Daze Horse Trials, hanging with Amy and the Panther Springs Farm crew, grooming where I could and doing three different jobs (dressage steward, scribe, and XC starter) at the show.  Then last weekend I was at the Indiana Eventing Association T3D, again wearing three different hats there (10-minute box timer, Long Format Club event representative, and USEA reporter).

In other news, I finished a scholarly article that I sent to a journal... so I have been a busy bee at work too!

I do love volunteering, for two reasons.  Well, three, actually.  First, I always learn something.  Always.  I can watch what works or doesn't work for other riders when I am stewarding or jump judging or starting, get in-the-moment critiques from dressage judges on the test in front of us, or find out how a horse trials actually runs.  These are just a few of the lessons I've had while volunteering.  Second, I get to meet and talk to people who care at least as much about the sport of eventing as I do, and make new friends.  Event officials are just people, and some of them are great fun to hang out with!  And my co-volunteers are some very generous and likable folks.  And, finally, I get to help make the sport happen.  That feels good and easily trumps pouring rain, freezing wind, and baking sun.

Taco has been very patient when I have been away, and has greeted me with his wonderful little nicker when I arrive back at the barn.  He has also been going so well for me and has been quite a joy.  Here is a nice view of what I see from his back.

On the flat, we've been working on more lateral work-- shoulder-in.  I've also kept playing with the counter canter.  I've been using my trot sets to practice my two-point and get that right leg lengthened and wrapped around him instead of gripping with the knee as it likes to do.  Over jumps I have been practicing staying up in my two-point and making the adjustments I need to up there--which is very hard for me!  But he seems to like it better so I persevere.

I continue to feel grateful for the luxurious stretch of time in which I've been able to work on basics.  The lack of pressure of an upcoming competition helps me take each moment at a time and appreciate just being with my number one guy.  When we go back to competing at the end of July, my goal will be to ride as well as possible and meet any specific goals I have for that event (hint: they will probably have to do with riding forward).

Message from Taco:

A handsome man like me needs lots of carrots to stay good looking! Please send some.