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Tales of Taco the Wonder Horse and his ammy rider on their way to a Training Three Day

Friday, October 28, 2011

Doc's Middle TN Pics

Several weeks ago, I took Doc (Standing Order) Novice at Middle TN Pony Club Horse Trials, held at the beautiful Percy Warner Park in Nashville.  After he was so good at Flying Cross at our joint debut, I thought he might really have fun with the Novice course at PWP.  And I was right!  He really showed what a special little horse he is!

Here is some video, taken by Carol:

And one more clip from Elizabeth:

Yesterday our photo CD from Nikkrody Creative & Photography arrived in the mail, so here are the pics!

Dressage was a substantial improvement over the last time, with a slightly more relaxed outline and bigger steps.

He was super bold cross country!  His gallop was so easy to ride and I just let him roll on-- which, I was astonished to discover, got us some speed faults.  I think I had better get in the habit of checking my watch for going too fast-- I am used to being a little too slow!  But he was simply phenomenal-- so much fun, and easy to ride.  He reminded me of why I love eventing so much.

Cute knees

That nice gallop of his!

Log before the water... the water...

... out of the water...

... and away!!  Of course, we did not need to make a quick getaway, but I was on the job!

Bench before the half-coffin, which he skipped over easily

Honestly, it didn't feel like we gave this table so much room.

We came back on Sunday to showjump, and he felt lovely in the warmup-- cracking his back and springing over all of the warmup fences.  We had a mostly lovely round in showjumping, except I overrrode him to an oxer on a turn, missed my turn to the next line, and got a rail because we were crooked.  But he was totally unfazed and trying to please me as he always does.

Too much fun!  And we even got a purple ribbon as a keepsake.  Next stop: Pine Top!!

Good Healing Progress

Taco went up to Kentucky for his checkup with Dr. Peters last weekend.  I'm pleased to report that healing is proceeding very well!  The outline of the lesion is still visible, but the tissue has continued to fill in with nice, aligned, uniform fibers.

Another grazing pic.  But this one was taken at the Kentucky Horse Park!

Rehab will begin around New Year's 2012.  I could sit on him if I wanted to now.  And I might.  But with the holidays and the end of the semester coming, that might not happen.  We shall see.  Dr. Peters did give me a little "chemical assistance" for the say that I do decide to get on.  Not for me, for him, silly!!

Dr. Peters examined Taco at his stall at the Kentucky Horse Park.  Since the Hagyard MidSouth Three Day Event and Team Challenge was happening, we decided to make a weekend of it.  Taco had his checkup, I did some news coverage for the event on the USEA website, some score running on Saturday's XC, and I got to be a part of Team SPF's Big Idea-- aka help Lauren and Brandy at their first T3D!  They looked wonderful and did great-- I'm so proud of them!  Amy, Megan, and Hub were there too.  It was an exhausting weekend but I sure did have fun.

The usual suspects, plus Supah!
Up next... Taco's baby brother Doc's superstar weekend at Middle Tennessee Pony Club Horse Trials!