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Tales of Taco the Wonder Horse and his ammy rider on their way to a Training Three Day

Thursday, April 15, 2010

And now, a word about the Training Three Day

Some readers of this blog are eventers who are very familiar with the Training Three Day event (T3D), but others may be wondering what a T3D is.  There are some links to the right of the screen that explain in great detail, but the short version is that a T3D is a Training (1 meter jumps) event in which dressage, cross country, and showjumping are on three consecutive days and in that order-- AND the cross country day includes four separate phases.  There are two phases in which the average speed is a brisk trot, one phase of steeplechase, at a gallop over brush fences, and one phase of the usual cross country course, with varied fences in combinations, done at a more moderate gallop.  In addition, veterinarians monitor the horses throughout the weekend and determine how well the rider has done at preparing the horse's fitness.  Finally, all T3Ds have an educational component.  Experienced eventers give lectures and clinics to the participants.

About four years ago, I decided to make a 2010  T3D my goal.  In order to make sure that the competitions were still around in 2010, I began volunteering and trying to help promote and support them.  Somehow I came to the attention of Cindy DePorter, the Chair of the T3D Committee, and she drafted me into being on the committee.  I am happy to serve in that capacity, because I do care so much about the competition and want to make sure it is still there even after I have met my goal.

Part of my service on the committee has been to write or co-write educational articles about the competition.  My most recent endeavor features Doug Payne and Gina Miles discussing how they feel the T3D (and Preliminary Three Day/ P3D) help to educate horses and riders.  They were both tremendously helpful and down-to-earth when I spoke to them, and I truly enjoyed writing the article.

I am also the regional rep for the Long Format Club to the MidSouth Three Day Event, which means that I will promote the T3D and P3D at the event and serve as a liason between the organizer and the Long Format Club, a grassroots organization that provides financial support to Classic three day events.  If you care about the Classic three days, make sure you send a few bucks their way!  It is  funded entirely by small donations from people like you and me.

Why do I want to do the T3D?  First, it will further my education in all of the ways that Doug and Gina mention.  Second, it is a goal just far enough out of my comfort zone that it will feel like a real accomplishment when I complete one.  Last, but most certainly not least, it will bring Taco and me even closer together.  And what better reason is there?

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wz said...

Very helpful explanation. Go Stacy and Taco!