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Tales of Taco the Wonder Horse and his ammy rider on their way to a Training Three Day

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Guest Blogger: Taco Himself

The following is what Taco dictated to me.  I told him that some other horses have been writing their own blog posts and asked him whether he wanted to write one.  He agreed, so here it is.

First of all, I would like to thank all of the humans who have taken such a keen interest in my well-being.  You are all very kind.  I live a very active, adventurous life and I sometimes manage to acquire injuries.  I would rather live life to the fullest and take the risk of getting hurt, but I know that this causes great distress to Stacy and it also used to worry Annika a lot, too.  So I will try to avoid getting hurt but I cannot make any promises.

Last week was a pretty good week.  Stacy came to the barn on Sunday and put me on the lunge line.  I showed her that one of my legs was sore (I had done some delightful galloping in the mud the night before) and she untacked me and gave me a bunch of carrots.  Then she went home.

The next day, I had to jog on the driveway a bunch of times, and then Stacy tacked me up.  She put me back on the lunge and my leg still hurt a little bit but she couldn't see it.  Then she got on me and trotted a couple of circles, and finally realized that my leg still hurt.  She got off and took me back to the barn for my carrots.

The next day the Needle Man came to see me.  He poked me with some needles and then I had to trot on the lunge and jog back and forth for him a bunch of times.  It wasn't so great.  However, then the really nice part of the week began.  Stacy would show up and brush me, and then she would take me out to eat grass for a really long time!  It was immensely enjoyable. 

But it got boring after a while and then the weekend was exceedingly boring.  The place where I live now, Tennessee, got a lot of rain.  It rains a lot here in general but the rain last weekend was very heavy and there was thunder and lightning.  I heard Amy say something about a "tornado warning."  As a result, I was forced to stay inside for one night.  I was incredibly bored and that is when I started to think about blogging.

This week, my leg feels better, but I had something really bizarre happen to me.  I got lumps all over my body.  I do not know where they came from.  But Stacy got all worked up about it.  She kept squeezing my left hind leg, the one with the scar, and she hosed me off with cold water.  She made me wear a strange thing on my head when I went out to my pasture.  She also gave me some food that had medicine in it, but I did not mind because it did not taste bad.  The next day, I felt a lot better.

 I am not sure why I have to wear this.

For the last few days Stacy has been riding me again.  I had forgotten that I like working.  Sometimes when I think about working, I don't want to do it.  But then I get started and I like it again.  Stacy said that we could jump over a few things this weekend, and that is something that I quite enjoy.  It is better than "dressage," which is what we did today and tends to get a little tedious, I must say.

Stacy says that we are not going to do a lot of traveling this month, but we will travel more in the summer and go to a "camp" in July.  That sounds OK to me.  I like going to new places.


Event Horse said...

Taco, you are too nice to your human. You need to kick her or bite her once in a while just to make sure she knows who is boss. And that dressage REALLY gets tiresome, throw in a buck or two once in a while just to get her butt out of the saddle. I'm with you, pal! -- Lad, Rug, and Red over at the Fat Lady Chronicles

wz said...

Sherman and Petunia wonder what that is covering your ears and eyes, Taco?
What was that in your food that got rid of your lumps?herman

Anastasia said...

Taco says:
Hey guys, I do like to buck, and sometimes I do just a little bit. If I buck, though, Stacy makes me work harder. So most of the time I try not to.
Sherman, she said something about "dex" when she put some powder in my food. I do not know what it is but I really like my food so I don't care.

Anastasia said...

Taco again:
Oh yeah, I really have no idea what that is on my face. Sorry. Ask Stacy.

meganmvcorbett said...

Flo says:
Taco you are so beautiful. I have a crush on you. My mom told me that you are going to that camp and now I want to go to. I hope you are all better now. You have to feel good for camp so I can see you. My mom says that I need to learn how to jump XC fences like you do. If I do, will you be my boyfriend?

Anastasia said...

Dear Flo C.,

I will never forget the two nights we spent together at the Hoosier Horse Park. You are a very lovely mare, I daresay. I would love to spend some time together again in Indiana.

I have to put one condition on our getaway, however. What happens in Indiana stays in Indiana. There is possibly another Flo in my life, Flo W. But-- what happens in Aiken stays in Aiken when it comes to her. You see, mon cheri?

Taco xx