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Tales of Taco the Wonder Horse and his ammy rider on their way to a Training Three Day

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reposted: Letters to Taco

Reposted from The Many Adventures of Lauren:

My guys told me today that they wanted to write a letter to their pen pal, Taco, so I obliged them.

Dear Taco,

You look very handsome in your new suit. I am also naked now, I'm not sure what happened. First I was cold and wet, then Aunt Megan came over and I went to sleep. When I woke up I had a spiffy new hair cut and mom gave me lots of cookies. I thought you might appreciate a photo of me with my new "do." Thanks to Aunt Megan for helping mom give me a shave down. I'll be much more comfortable without my yak hair. Unfortunately, you can't see the nifty clip Aunt M did on my face. They "compromised" and clipped only half my face because I wouldn't let them clip my ears or nose, even while I was sleeping!


Dear Taco,

Please have your mom teach my mom how to clip better. She took a really long time and left a big fuzzy patch on my butt that everyone likes to touch. It feels weird when they touch it, but they keep calling it a cactus, so it must have a purpose. She also yanked my mane out, so she says I look handsome now, but it stung a little.
I also tried to express to her that I don't appreciate loud buzzing things near my head, but she told me I was silly and tricked me into letting her clip my bridle path and head, so I'm also totally hairless! I have a neat new suit as well, mom bundles me up cozy and warm when its going to be chilly. 

Mom says I'm going to my first horse show in about six weeks! Will I see you there?

Your buddy,


Lauren said...

Well, Taco?? Will Ari see you at Chatt Hills?!

Anastasia said...

Hi Lauren,

Yes, you can tell Ari that I will see him at Chatt Hills. Stacy put "Panther Springs Farm" on her stabling form-- I hope you did too.

Best wishes,