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Tales of Taco the Wonder Horse and his ammy rider on their way to a Training Three Day

Friday, October 28, 2011

Good Healing Progress

Taco went up to Kentucky for his checkup with Dr. Peters last weekend.  I'm pleased to report that healing is proceeding very well!  The outline of the lesion is still visible, but the tissue has continued to fill in with nice, aligned, uniform fibers.

Another grazing pic.  But this one was taken at the Kentucky Horse Park!

Rehab will begin around New Year's 2012.  I could sit on him if I wanted to now.  And I might.  But with the holidays and the end of the semester coming, that might not happen.  We shall see.  Dr. Peters did give me a little "chemical assistance" for the say that I do decide to get on.  Not for me, for him, silly!!

Dr. Peters examined Taco at his stall at the Kentucky Horse Park.  Since the Hagyard MidSouth Three Day Event and Team Challenge was happening, we decided to make a weekend of it.  Taco had his checkup, I did some news coverage for the event on the USEA website, some score running on Saturday's XC, and I got to be a part of Team SPF's Big Idea-- aka help Lauren and Brandy at their first T3D!  They looked wonderful and did great-- I'm so proud of them!  Amy, Megan, and Hub were there too.  It was an exhausting weekend but I sure did have fun.

The usual suspects, plus Supah!
Up next... Taco's baby brother Doc's superstar weekend at Middle Tennessee Pony Club Horse Trials!

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